Thursday, December 14, 2006

Please...Don't Feed the Lush

I've reached the point where I've begun wearing lycra gym pants at home for comfort. I'm heading into Kirsty Alley territory here. I can feel a New Years resolution and gym membership coming on.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Entourage of One

The Lush has gone multi media during the past few months since NYC died in the arse. Yes it's true, I've entered the illustrious domain of TV and radio okay so it's a community foray into TV and radio but a foray nonetheless. Plus I'm getting into improv and loving it. Loving it I tell you.

News Flash: The Cherry Bomb and I are heading into the studio next week to cut our first radio demo - standby for our hot little show. We're officially in pre-production and hope to podcast to a computer near you soon - once we get our groove on we'll unveil/upload for your listening pleasure.

Side note: The Bloggest Loser has been a bit shite for me. I started off strong saying fuck you to 4.2kgs but it the bitches wouldn't stay away. Not only have they come back - those 4.2kg bought friends.

What I'm Watching:
Entourage Season 1 disc 2
The Last Picture Show

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Loser Boozer

It's a funny thing - waking up and realising that you were so much drunker than you thought you were the night before - so you go to sleep for a few more hours and wake up at noon only to realise that when the previous assessment was made at 5am deciding that you were drunker - you were actually still drunk. In fact it's noon now and how can you be sure you are sober?

Here is my Saturday night in a serious of flashbacks.

Reality check #1 - You are going to achieve nothing today and will be lucky to leave your room. Weekend gone.

Reality check #2 - The people who were designated drivers last night were so obviously not drinking (unfortunately this was not obvious at the time.)

Reality check #3 - Can confirm was in bed with a gay man while his NYC friend was in the room. Nothing out of the ordinary there but first time meeting NYC friend. Wondering if I'll have to answer to this.

Reality check #4 - Lost silver necklace - found silver necklace as described by smarmy guy.

Reality check #5 - Called smarmy guy a cunt to his face (can confirm he was a cunt) for some reason found it hot changed his approach and kissed me.

Reality check #6 - was a happy snapper at party (granted was asked to take lots of photos) but was it annoying?

Reality check #7 - revealed to friend that I know he dislikes me. Yes - he agreed, recalling he was not drinking, also recall that this will not help the cause of him disliking moi.

Reality check #8 - Drunk dialed friend twice and my phone got passed around the bus by a group of 17 year old girls. When friend didn't pick up on second attempt I called back on the house phone - will have to answer to this later (ignoring for now).

Reality check #9 - - scab on left foot from falling down stairs on way out of party - nobody saw.

Reality check #10 - Had very long shower on arrival home and roommates are questioning me about it. Pointed out that I don't leave the lights on when not in the room and that I don't use the dryer - made a quick exit back to room (knowing should not have left in first place).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rumps and Bumps - Bloggest Loser Week 1

I'm pumped to be part of the BLOGest Loser especially since I was REJECTED by the BIGgest Loser TV show a few weeks ago.

My BL obsession led me to applying for the Aus version only to receive the standard 'thanks but no thanks' e-mail. I was crushed.

So how am I going to compete in the BLOGest Loser?

Firstly, I'm steering clear of gyms and personal trainers - I can't go through the dramas like last time. I've joined Jenny Craig. Gasp. I know it's all a bit '80s but it's working. I'm really busy at the moment so it's a no brainer. So far I've ditched 4.9kgs (10.8lb) in 5 weeks. Hi kicks all round. I've not set foot inside a gym (just doing loads of walking as per usual thanks to living in the city/Pub transport).

The only big problemo is skipping the vino - coming into the holiday season i'm going to skip food in favour of wine. It's a given.

I'm submitted my weight based on the start date :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Learning about the NNP

I met someone who works at one of those blokey mags with the busty tanned girls on the cover (you know - the girls most commonly plucked from the shallow end of the Big Brother talent pool.)

She was explaining the mag and how the one she works for is different to others since her mag can be read in public places without guilt due to the NNP "No Nipple Policy."

Leats hear that again: No Nipple Policy. I've heard of unusual work place policies but the NNP is by far the most hilarious.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Bloggest Loser

I've entered The Bloggest Loser over at Cherry's.

I must admit I was pleased to have this opportunity to use my boxing gloves, especially since it's the only other time I've used them was on the day of purchase (vaguely sometime last year). I've since stopped donating to Fitness First.

The target is January 1 - it's going to be tough to go through the holiday season sans vino. Don't despair - I've already started looking at skipping food in favour of wine.

I'm going to create some sort of a scale to measure my success based on interest by hot men. It's not all about the numbers

Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Silver Bullet and Me

This one goes out to my Silver Bullet that within in a matter of less than 5 minutes was written out of my will then was quickly invited back in to became the sole benefactor.

Sorry to break it to you but the Silver Bullet is not a vibrator it's a ceramic hair straigtener. Seriously with a hair straightener this good there is no need for the vibrator. The results speak for themselves.

The bitch packed it in whilst my hair was still wet - gasp - I had an important event to attend which demaned this frizzy curly haired femme fatal to look chic. Phew - a few of the old turn it off turn it on again and the angel worked.

Crisis averted.